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Pool Inspections By Austech


That swimming pool in the backyard may be one of the factors that tempt you to quickly close the deal on a new home…

But before you do, it pays to know a good deal more about that pool than what you can see at a glance. The home inspector you’re paying for is there to inspect the house. Let the home inspector look for termite damage in the crawl space and get a swimming pool inspection from the professionals at Caltech Pools. Potential home buyers can arrange for a swimming pool inspection in Austin conducted by Austech's inspectors simply by calling (512) 904-0118 or completing the online request form on our website.

Austech Pool’s many years of experience focuses on the swimming pool inspection with both an up-close external appraisal of the integrity of the pool structure, pool tile and surface as well as an in-depth inspection of all swimming pool equipment. Pumps, filters, heaters and skimmers are tested in operation and verified. The lights and all pool electrical circuits are examined for function and shock hazard. Drain covers and drain configuration will be verified for operation as well as compliance with building codes and drain safety practices. If a spa, catch basin, or fountain feature is included in the pool, proper operation of all functions are observed and documented.

Having a swimming pool inspection and leak detection performed by Austech Pools can be beneficial to not only to home buyers, but Austin realtors may also profit from recommending Austech's many years of expertise in swimming pool inspections. Defects or malfunctions documented in advance by Austech’s professional swimming pool home inspections and remedied by the seller can increase the potential buyer’s peace of mind and enhance the likelihood of a successful sale.

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